[Samba] KB2992611

Christopher Roberts cjr at tridentgarages.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 02:02:12 MST 2015

Carlo wrote;
> I've see this issue on win8.1 pro on a 4.2rc2

Great to hear that I'm not alone!

> i see another problem, ie 11 is slow down and when try to open a new tab
> it freeze for about 3-5 sec then open a new tab and write in textbox
> sometime you can write sometimes not

Yes, I have this problem as well, I hadn't related it to the previous issue.

> remove the
> *KB2992611* and *KB3000850*

I didn't have the latter installed.

But surely these are important patches? Also, I can't find a way of
excluding them, so it means having to switch off automatic updating on all
clients and update each manually.

If anyone has a better solution I'd be delighted to hear it!



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