[Samba] KB2992611

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Tue Jan 20 00:03:41 MST 2015

This is  not a samba4 issue. This proplem exist also if you are running
server 2012.
This is aproblem with windows 8.1


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Il 16/01/15 18:21, Christopher Roberts ha scritto:
>   * Version: Samba 4.2.0rc3
>   * Distribution: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
>   * Client: Windows 8.1 Professional
> Having installed Samba4 servers at our two sites and ensured that
replication is working correctly, I connected a brand new Windows 8.1
Professional PC to the new AD network as a test.
> I immediately encountered two problems:
>   1. Web credentials were not being remembered in either Internet 
> Explorer nor Google Chrome
>   2. Microsoft Outlook 2013 was unable to connect to IMAP TLS encypted
mailserver "An Unknown Error has Occurred - 0x8004011c".
> These problems were not present on a local account, only on a domain
> When accessing Web Credential service an Error 0x80090345 was seen, which
fortunately took me to the following Microsoft Technet thread:
>   * http://goo.gl/dX7L6C "Credential Manager Problems - Error 0x80090345"
> It is interesting to note that this thread is for a Linux Zentyal server
running Samba 4.
> This led me to remove KB2992611, which was pre-installed prior to the
supply of the PC, and instantly both the problems outlined above went away.
> I understand that this is related to the Winshock SChannel patch that hit
the headlines a few months ago. My understanding is that it is well known
that Microsoft messed up their patch with the result that TLS connections
were problematic with the patch installed.
> Clearly this is a patch that we ought to have and removing it from every
client would seem to be not terribly sensible.
> I do appreciate that Samba 4.2.0rc3 is not production ready, but has
anyone else come across this issue and better still found a solution that
leaves KB2992611 in place?
> Thanks!
> Chris.
I've see this issue on win8.1 pro on a 4.2rc2

i see another problem, ie 11 is slow down and when try to open a new tab it
freeze for about 3-5 sec then open a new tab and write in textbox sometime
you can write sometimes not

remove the
*KB2992611* and *KB3000850*

remove the problem

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