[Samba] dsadd doesn't work correct

Carsten Schulz info at schultzit.eu
Mon Jan 19 14:50:29 MST 2015

Hi together,

I installed  samba 4 on a server with Debian-Wheezy-OS. Everything seems
to work fine. I can add a user with RSAT. The user is added to the AD,
the profile is stored in the server-profile-path and homepath can be

I have to import about 400 datasets to the AD. Therefore I want to use
the commandlinetool dsadd. With this tool I can import datasets, which I
can see with RSAT. The only problem is that the profile isn't stored to
the profile-path and the home-path doesn't work too. I don't get any
errormessage. By the way, both \\serv01\profile\fistname.lastname and
\\serv01\users\fistname.lastname can be seen in RSAT correct.

Can anyone tell me, wether this is a known bug?

With greetings from Hamburg.

Karsten Schultz

dsadd user "CN=firstname.lastname,CN=Users,DC=ks,DC=lan"
-upn "firstname.lastname at ks.lan"
-samid "firstname.lastname"
-fn firstname
-ln lastname
-display  "firstname lastname"
-pwd "123Dummy987"
-hmdir "\\serv01\users\firstname.lastname "
-hmdrv "H:"
-profile "\\serv01\profile\firstname.lastname"
-loscr start.bat
-mustchpwd no
-pwdneverexpires yes

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