[Samba] migrating accounts and passwords

Andrew Mark andrewm at aimsystems.ca
Mon Jan 19 10:31:22 MST 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to migrate my users to new hardware.
They're currently using Samba version 3.4.7-0.50 on Fedora 11
I have a new F20 server set up with Samba version 4.1.14
As you know, F11 had user accounts starting at uid 500 whereas F20 has 
accounts starting at uid 1000
I've already done usermod -u <NewUID> and groupmod -g <newGID> for the 
Linux accounts to bump them up.

How do I migrate Samba accounts and preserve UID/GID and passwords?

When I look inside the file created by: pdbedit -e 
smbpasswd:/root/migrate/smbpasswd.old, I see the old UIDs ?!
How do I migrate Samba accounts while making the jump seamless for my users?
i.e. preserve UID/GID and most importantly, passwords.



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