[Samba] RSAT - cloud on the horizon

Derek Shaw d3r3kshaw at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 23:32:39 MST 2015

I think I see some heavy weather ahead of me:


specifically w.r.t. Server 2012 r2 (with which I will have to soon(ish) 

> Features Removed or Deprecated in Windows Server 2012 R2
> RSAT: Identity management for Unix/NIS
> The Server for Network Information Service (NIS) Tools option of
 > Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) is deprecated. Use native
 > LDAP, Samba Client, Kerberos, or non-Microsoft options.

I have recently fixed a problem with using a samba4 member server in a 
domain controlled by a windows 2008r2 AD-DC by installing the role 
service described in the technet article/quote.  I fully expect to run 
into this issue again with server 2012 R2 DCs deployed elsewhere in my 
client base.

Surely someone has run into this situation already.

I have no idea how to configure "native LDAP, Samba Client, Kerberos, or 
non-Microsoft options" to provide the necessary information for the 
member server (essentially NIS group, GID and UID).  Nor really any idea 
of where to begin looking.  I'd be surprised if the technet author had 
the first clue.

Can anybody provide links to relevant documentation that might be usable 
by a Microsoft-phobic SA who will likely have to deal with the issue in 
the future?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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