[Samba] Problems with permissions

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Sat Jan 17 12:25:10 MST 2015

Hey Harry,

another german guy here :-)

What's your version of samba?

Can you post your smb.conf? That would really help.


Am 17. Januar 2015 20:08:03 MEZ, schrieb "Dr. Harry Knitter" <harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de>:
>"Dr. Harry Knitter" <harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de> schrieb am
>> Hllo,
>> I have a Debian Wheezy machine with a standard samba configured as
>> controller. (security = user)
>> On the Windows clients a programm shall be installed that needs full
>> to all files on a network drive
>> I have set the Unix permissions to 777 for all files and
>subdirectories of
>> the according directory.
>> The share entry is:
>> [myshare]
>> 	path = /home/shareddirectory
>> 	admin users = user1, root
>> 	force group = users
>> 	read only = No
>> 	create mask = 0777
>> 	directory mask = 0777
>> On the Windows clients however in Properties -> Security I see only
>> rights which lack full access and delete.
>> How can I get full access to all files and subdirectories.
>> Any hints for what I configured wrong are wellcome.
>> greetings
>> Harry
>what about now?
>May be I have some misconfiguration. However, where is the
>compatibility to a 
>native Windows Server?
>How can I configure my samba server and my unix permissions to grant
>access_ to a network share that is shown by my clients as _full
>A little guessing myself about why not getting hintful answers (bug?, 
>BTW, the clients are W7 machines.
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