[Samba] Verification on different issues

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Thu Jan 15 12:33:11 MST 2015


I'd like to know if the following issues happen to you too.

1. Sysvol permissions
After I edited a GPO with a user which is member of domain Admins, sysvolcheck runs on an error due to security settings of thisvedited GPO. Running sysvolreset makes it all for he again

2. GPO password policy
We have a policy that defines a password change interval of 32 days. On our clients (windows 7) these settings can be found in the local security policy and also when you enter "net accounts" in cmd. But when you enter "net user <username> /domain" in cmd, the user has an interval of 42 days.

There was a third issue I can't remember now.

Thanks in advance

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