[Samba] Sysvol not accessible?

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Thu Jan 15 08:41:45 MST 2015

I may have just solved this. I realized I could access \\dc01\sysvol and
\\dc02\sysvol but I randomly could not access \\domain\sysvol for some
unknown reason. I did "host -t A domain" and got THREE addresses back,
but I only have TWO DCs. With that said, I imagine the systems are
randomly being referred to the third, non-existent DC and failing. I
will be researching this shortly and if it fixes the issue, I will
report it.

On 01/15/2015 08:52 AM, Ryan Ashley wrote:
> I am having a strange issue at one location which is running samba 4.1.
> Two or three PC's out of maybe twenty-five are unable to get to the
> sysvol share. If I run "gpupdate" on the systems it gives error 1058.
> Digging deeper says the path was not found, but if I click on the path
> in the event log it pops right up in notepad (gpt.ini). This tells me
> that the user accounts can access said location. I have done "samba-tool
> ntacl sysvolreset" on both DC's to no avail.
> What I have noticed is that "Domain Computers" is not listed on the
> sysvol share. Is this correct? I believe it has admins, authenticated
> users, system, and one other, but I am not in front of the information
> right now. I need to know what should be correct for the sysvol so I can
> verify that this is correct, before the issue spreads. I feel the issue
> is a Windows bug, but I have to be sure before I go down that path.
> After resetting the ACLs I did notice that the UNIX permissions were 770
> on the sysvol dircetory. Is that correct? Also, what information should
> I post and I will get it ASAP. Thanks in advance for any assistance you
> may offer.

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Lead IT/IS Specialist

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