[Samba] SAMBA 4 Member Server - Help please

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Wed Jan 14 21:55:24 MST 2015

Seems to be the same problem like last week.
I also couldn't get a member server to run. wbinfo worked while getent didn't.

Is there any detailed instruction for sssd?


Am 14. Januar 2015 23:42:20 MEZ, schrieb Sketch <smblist at rednsx.org>:
>On Wed, 14 Jan 2015, David Thompson wrote:
>> Kerberos works fine as I can run kinit and kdestroy on both the DC
>and member server and they work fine. Time is set to  the default time
>servers right now as installed by the ntp install, but both servers are
>in sync for their time and working correctly.
>> On the member server, I am able to get it bound to the domain without
>issue and I can see that it adds its name into the DNS service.
>> I cannot however get it to lookup any users either, which is odd,
>since when I setup a SAMBA3 server to be a member server, I am able to
>get winbindd, smbd, and nmbd playing nicely together and can look users
>up without issue against the DC.
>Make sure winbind is actually running on the member server.
>Also, make sure your users actually have uid and gid attributes in
>If not, I don't think they will show up (I use sssd, so my windind is 
>rusty).  If wbinfo -u does show users, but getent passwd does not, this
>likely your problem.  Make sure you use the --uid-number and
>options when you create users with samba-tool, or you can add them with
>ADUC, or you can use scripts like 
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