[Samba] Update from Samba 3.6 to 4.1 on Debian

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 13 08:01:36 MST 2015

On 13/01/15 14:30, Andreas Hauffe wrote:
> Hi,
> I read in the samba news, that everyone should update from Samba 3.6 to 4.x
> since Samba 3.6 will be discontinued by the release of 4.2.
> Is it possible just to remove/deinstall the Samba 3.6 package and then install
> the wheezy-backports of 4.1.11? Will all configuration and stuff be still
> there? Do I have to do further configurations to run the still NT4-Style
> domain?
> What is the common way to use samba in a heterogen environment?
> Acutally, we have an OpenLDAP,Kerberos,NFS4 environment for linux clients with
> samba 3.6 to integrate windows clients with an NT4-style domain. What is an
> good way to use Samba4 and the AD features? The linux clients needs fast
> read/write file access to the file server during scientific simulations.
> That's why we use NFS up to now.

If you are already using Debian wheezy, you should be able to add 
backports and just update, though you may have to make some mods in 
smb.conf to account for any slight changes since 3.6.

You do not have to upgrade to AD unless you want to, but it might make 
sense to set up a test domain and see if a Samba4 AD domain is better 
for you.


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