[Samba] MSDOS "System" Attriubute for Folders

Matthew Heyse mpheyse at mtu.edu
Tue Jan 13 07:04:29 MST 2015

I'm having trouble setting the DOS/Windows attribute flag "System" on
Samba shared folders.

The [Share] level setting "map system = yes" makes the Unix group
execute bit be the "System" flag works fine on regular files, but not
on directories.

There is several ways to make files get the "hidden" attribute, but
only way that I've found to set the "System" attribute and it doesn't
fully work.

Directories in a share need to have the "System" attribute set,
whenever you need Windows (XP/7) to process the folder's internal
desktop.ini file for that directory.

I'm running Samba 3.5, on OpenBSD 5.6


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