[Samba] Samba4 and and opened, why ? How do close it ?

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 02:43:55 MST 2015

Rowland, as I you mentioned firstly, I have 3 faces: lo, lan, wan.
And you are right, are all IPs.
I need only either listen to lo and lan or lan only, but not wan also.
But in my case and because of are all faces, listening
doesn' t equal lo and lan ( and .
Yes, there is no in netstat list, but should cover and also, or I don' t understand it right.

By the way I examined Samba4 4.1.14 again and 'socket address' parameter is
deprecated by now.
And I can not turn it off to listen to correctly.
I made some tests. In fact there are not and but
either double or is appeared that make Samba4
working quite not good.
The one and only attempt is don' t include lo to interfaces parameter but
specify to "socket address" . But it needs more checking for me.

> I personally think that you think wrong, it is *LISTENING* on
> with ports 137 & 138 on the ipaddresses and, it
> doesn't matter whether you turn off in smb.conf, samba will
> still listen on the two ipaddresses.

I suppose that listening on means that listening on ALL interfaces
including wan one.
But I don' t extremely need it. You understand it, I think.
I can be wrong.
But how can I check it to be completely sure that for is listening
on and on and not on ?

> I am willing to bet that you have other programs listening on,
> what are you going to do, stop them listening on and if you do,
> are you going to complain that nothing then works ??

> You sound like one of the people in my country that writes heath &
> safety risk assessments just to cover their behinds.

You lose the bet.
Exactly Samba4 listens on and
If I stop Samba4, these are both sockets are not opened.
You can check it in your own to start netstat while Samba4 runs and when
Or you don' t have pointed out sockets above opened by Samba4, then, please
send config example and Sama4 version you use.

Unfortunatelly there are quite many people, and not in my country only, who
don't go deeper to question essence or don' t want to understand question
completely before put useless words at their posts which are not
corresponded to a topic/posts.
Please read my posts more carefully and put words which are exactly within
topic only, without off-topic discussion, if you want, of course. Ok ?

Shortly, one more: my final purpose is to close from Samba4 without
restriction its functionality on lan or/and lan interfaces or be completely
sure that it doesn' t cover wan IP (interface) , of course, when I don' t
want it.
Topic is about Samba4 only, not other soft.

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