[Samba] readable tiny odd script question

BISI d3r3kshaw at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 08:43:21 MST 2015

On 15-01-10 07:31 AM, Rowland Penny wrote:
> On 10/01/15 14:43, Bob of Donelson Trophy wrote:
>> I have been reviewing Louis' script
>> (4-setup-sernet-samba4-MEMBER-wheezy.sh) and within the following line
>> (310) is an odd character combination.
>> if [ ${SMBPRINTING} = no ]; then
>> echo "==========Disable Printing ==============================="
>> sed -i '49a\n # disable printing completelyn load printers = non
>> printing = bsdn printcap name = /dev/nulln disable spoolss = yesn'^M
>> <<<<<<< WHAT?
>>   /etc/samba/smb.conf
>> fi
>> I am using vi editor (Debian 7.7.0) and noticed "^M" at the end of the
>> line. This character combination appears twice within the script. Both
>> time as a unique font color. Here listed above and finally on the last
>> line of the script. In 'test' removing the character combination the
>> cursor responds as though this is a single character. In other words, a
>> single keystroke removes both characters.
>> Is this a necessary character for the script to function properly? Or is
>> it rogue and causing some unforeseen issues?
>> (I feel bad raising this question while Louis is on a holiday. Many of
>> us have been using his script for some time now and history indicates
>> that they are working scripts. And I for one really appreciate all the
>> work that went into them.)
> Hi Bob, you seem to have more wrong than you think, this is the block of
> code you are referring to:
> if [ ${SMBPRINTING} = no ]; then
> echo "==========Disable Printing ==============================="
> sed -i '49a\\n   # disable printing completely\n   load printers =
> no\n   printing = bsd\n   printcap name = /dev/null\n   disable spoolss
> = yes\n' /etc/samba/smb.conf
> fi
> The 'sed' line should be all one line and all the newlines seem to have
> been turned into just an 'n', they should be '\n', try looking at the
> script with gedit or nano.
> If you are interested, I now have a script to install a member server
> using samba packages from debian backports instead of using the sernet
> packages. I was prompted to write this because I could not get a sernet
> member server to allow me to login via smbclient or 'caja' on LinuxMint.
> Rowland

I would be *very* interested in that script, Rowland.  I have been 
unable to get a member server to work with any form of ADDC, and I've 
been trying for a week.  Just crashed out last night with Louis' script 
(both automated, and me working through it step by step).

What version of samba is in the backports?

and as a side note to Bob -- If I open the script directly from the 
website using gedit to open it from firefox (on a different, older 
ubuntu machine) I get all the correct formatting (I spent several hours 
working through it and all its assumptions, yesterday).  But I haven't 
looked at it with vi. Maybe I will.  maybe the sed command is showing up 
here broken incorrectly because of word-wrap in your newsreader client?


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