[Samba] Samba integration with Microsoft CA server 2012 R2

Maryam Lahijani maryamlahijani at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 04:53:59 MST 2015


I am new to this mailing list.we encounter  a problem in our network,we
have a samba 4 as an domain controller .  for deploying dot1.x(IEE802.1x)
in our network our firewall team run a windows  CA Server 2012 R2 to work
with EAP-ttls protocol.

It generate a CA for domain controllers that should be imported in trusted
certification authorities that i imported with rsat console in this
directory .

After that the dc (that here is samba 4) should send e request for CA
server and the server issues a personal Ca with the name of dc and it comes
in personal certificate.but even after restarting samba services it doesn't
request from CA server and there is no way to issue and import that CA
manually.IS there any way to force or push samba to request certificate
from CA Server?

sincerely yours

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