[Samba] Folder redirection and Desktop and My Documents file disappeared

Bruno Andrade bma at eurotux.com
Fri Jan 9 10:17:05 MST 2015


I migrated a samba 3 domain to samba 4 AD DC and now I'm using GPOs to
folder redirection instead logon scripts.

On samba 3 I was redirecting Desktop and My Documents to H:\Desktop and
H:\My Documents. Now I'm using folder redirection via GPOs and I'm
redirecting Desktop and My Documents to \\fileserver.example.com\home\
and the GPO add the user and folder automatically.

The problem is, in some users, I noticed that the files in both folders
disappeared and a new folder was created, DESKTOP (in uppercase, and
that's weird).

Also, each user have a home folder mounted in H: from

Does anyone knows something that might be causing the problem?

Bruno Andrade.

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