[Samba] Name mangling problem

Mitja Tavcar mitja at mttv.it
Fri Jan 9 05:12:39 MST 2015

Hi all,

I run samba 3.6.6 from debian wheezy (version 3.6.6) and i am 
experiencing some troubles with file name mangling.

If i try "dir /x" on a mapped folder it gives me unexpected mangled 
names: the name mangling matches only the first character and not the 
first 5 as i expect.

For example:
if the long file name is LONGFILENAME.TXT, i expect the mangled sholud 
be something like LONGF~01.TXT, but i see: LNHQX6~C.TXT

I tried to change mangling method = hash (instead of the default hash2)
also i tried the solution posted here: 
but no luck.

The the share are on XFS filesystem and use the following vfs 
vfs objects = acl_xattr, recycle enabled on the share.

I'm crossing some bug? or is this a misconfiguration?
Please help
Mitja Tavcar

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