[Samba] Member Server Setup Assistance

James lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 08:06:04 MST 2015

I can confirm that one gets created on Samba install or join. Can't 
recall when. However this krb5.conf contains extra info not needed. It's 
best to use the one provided by Rowland.

On 1/7/2015 2:58 AM, BISI wrote:
> On 14-12-31 07:00 AM, Stefan Kania wrote:
>>> Do I need to configure a
>>> krb5.conf file? Thanks.
>> If your DC is a samba4 DC just copy krb5.conf to your new memberserver
> could someone please confirm that this is a good idea?  I don't 
> remember seeing it anywhere in the wiki, and I've been spending *way* 
> too much time (re)reading it.
> cheers!
> d.


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