[Samba] Symbolic links not visible on osx 10.10

Markus Doits markus-samba at stellenticket.de
Mon Jan 5 07:28:07 MST 2015

Hi Ralph,

On 05.01.15 15:00, Ralph Böhme wrote:
>> [Programs]
>>         path = /server/shares/programs
>>         valid users = some users
>>         read only = No
>>         force create mode = 0660
>>         force directory mode = 0770
>>         vfs objects = fruit # tried without fruit vfs, no change
> on first reading I thought this sound like a bug in vfs_fruit, but
> here you mention that this happens regardless of using
> vfs_fruit. Right?

Yeah, just tested it once again to be sure - completely removing the
`vfs objects` line. No change :-(

One more observation: When creating a link in the osx client, it creates
a file with some content in the share (no *real* symbolic link), so when
I type the following in the osx client console it shows the link:

ln -s non_existent linkname

But on the server, `linkname` is actually a file with some weird content ...

# cat linkname

Looks like a candidate for the vfs_fruit module (translate symbolic
links?!)? (tested it with vfs_fruit and without).


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