[Samba] add user in samba server

水静流深 1248283536 at qq.com
Fri Feb 27 06:05:55 MST 2015

# smbpasswd -a linuxsir New SMB password: Retype new SMB password: # ls  /etc/samba gdbcommands  smb.conf  smb.conf.bak  smbpasswd # groups  linuxsir linuxsir : linuxsir my_test_group1 root at debian:/home/debian# cat /etc/group root:x:0: sambashare:x:119: root at debian:/home/debian# # cat /etc/samba/smbpasswd  
I have add user linuxsir in samba with a password.
 1.Why linuxsir is still not in the group sambashare?
 2.Why is there nothing in the file /etc/samba/smbpasswd?  

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