[Samba] specify alternative port for samba internal dns server

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 26 17:24:16 MST 2015

On 27/02/15 00:10, Ben Cohen wrote:
> Whoops - sorry for responding to you directly rather than via the list -- I
> only use gmail for extremely high-volume mailing lists, and usually that's
> just to skim-read them -- so I don't know the gmail web-ui very well (and
> it seems to change all the time) -- apologies.  (Also i have no idea how to
> not top-post with gmail ...  I'll figure that out for next time)
> You seem to have strong opinions regarding the default port for the dns
> server - I disagree with you but I'm not going to try to change your deeply
> held beliefs.
> While expressing your opinions earlier in the thread, the idea was raised
> that it is somehow _REQUIRED_ for clients to use the samba internal dns
> directly rather than receive dns responses via an intermediary dns server
> -- can someone confirm whether or not this is the case?

Try reading this samba wiki page: 

Especially the bit at the top.


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