[Samba] [Solved] Re: samba4: cleaning up deleted DNS objects

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Tue Feb 24 13:33:21 MST 2015

You have an point with email an spam here. I do not respond off list to 
unknown peolple in general. Now that thread contains an usefull answer. 
I reply only to the list again, now without your name and e-mail addy.


> Hi,
> I didn't notice it earlier, but now I was going through samba mailing list
> archives I noticed you sent your reply to the samba mailing list (so
> basically, the rest of the world as these end up in archives). Your reply
> included my entire e-mail (quoted).
> I would really have appreciated it if you would have asked beforehand if
> this was ok.
> If I knew it would be sent to a public mailing list then I would have used a
> different email account to avoid spam and would likely have omitted or
> changed some parts of my text since it doesn't concern the rest of the world.
> I suggest you take that into account in the future.. not (just) for me, of
> course..
> Thanks,

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