[Samba] recreate/re-provision DNS db from scratch?

Bram Matthys syzop at vulnscan.org
Tue Feb 24 04:37:30 MST 2015


Is there a way to re-initialize/re-provision DNS?
I have a working domain with 100+ users and computers etc.. I want to
preserve all those users, settings and group policies etc, only start the
DNS part from scratch.

Why? I've been having some (mysterious) issues with Samba 4 DNS since..
well.. I suppose since I started with 4.0.6 (migrated from Samba 3.x) but
from a users' point of view everything worked fine.. it was mostly the DNS
management from group policy that wasn't working.
Today I wanted to install 4.1.17 but after the upgrade things go bad. On one
hand DNS seems to work fine (can resolve the DC, etc). On the other hand,
windows gives mysterious errors such as unable to locate the logon server or
errors like "cannot resolve computer name" when I run gpupdate... As for
that gpupdate error, Samba doesn't log a thing when this happens (even
though I see plenty of traffic on port 135), even with loglevel 9.

DNS Management (via MSC / RSAT) from Windows works for a minute or so, then
suddenly errors and disappears after the error if I refresh with F5 (as in
"Zone Not Loaded by DNS Server").

samba-tool dns ... gives a mysterious "Memory allocation error" despite
GiG's of available memory.
(samba-tool dns query xyz.domain.com @ ALL
 ..and also..
 samba-tool dns serverinfo
  gives a memory allocation error)

It all sounds.. screwed up.

Unless this is some kind of known issue, I think it would be worth a shot to
recreate all the mandatory DNS entries.. the whole db.. all the way from
scratch. I have a simple single server setup with no (other) static DNS
entries so that should be straightforward, right? Is this possible? And how?



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