[Samba] testing DNS entries on DC joins

Bob of Donelson Trophy bob at donelsontrophy.net
Mon Feb 23 16:09:21 MST 2015


I was on the "Check and fix DNS entries on DC joins" page of the wiki
and discovered: 

root at tdc01:~# host -t CNAME
a486dd66-59c8-411b-9c04-98f03d998226._msdcs.test.bob is an alias for
a486dd66-59c8-411b-9c04-98f03d998226._msdcs.test.bob is an alias for

I noticed that my first DC is all small case letters in the FQDN and the
second DC is partially capitalized FQDN. So far the testing says it
doesn't matter . . . do I care about caps or not? What is the correct

As this is my test environment I do not care but in my production
environment, well . . . will this tiny detail become an issue? The
clients are micro$oft machines after all! Will the clients care? 


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