[Samba] nmbd won't start 3.6.24

Jed Evnull jedevnull at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 23:26:23 MST 2015

I have an odd situation: nmbd will not start.

This is samba 3.6.24, freshly compiled, running on a Raspberry Pi V2, 1Gb
ram, quad-core, etc.

smbd starts, and I can connect to the server my Mac and from an Android
device, haven't tested Windows.

./nmbd -D does not start nmbd.

I've tried starting ./nmbd -i -d10 to no effect, it returns immediately to
the console, no hang or stall. No logs are produced.  -S does nothing.

The binary seems to work as far as giving its version and responding to

I've done all this as root.

Thanks for any assistance.  Google only points to startup script problems
on various distros, I couldnt find anything re: manual nmbd start failing.

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