[Samba] 2 DCs FSMO when one DC die/accident offline

Min Wai Chan dcmwai at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 04:19:43 MST 2015

Dear All,

I've read

Under section

Let assume that DC1 is take all the roles...

It tell that we should put the fail DC1 back online and do the role
But below it show there was a bugs on the roles transfer...

So I'm show how lost.

Let say I've 2 x vm (DC1 and DC2) both Vm on 2 different host.

If there is a failure on host1 hardware and I'm unable to bring DC1 back

Did I need to do the DC2 seizing FSMO roles? (Or it will be done

When happen in windows DC... was it done automatically or still need a DC2
FSMO seizing?

I've this question when my DC1 offline and the Member server (CTDB later
crash Zombies)

So I wonder DC2 is still on but why...

Min Wai

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