[Samba] Winbind backend : rid is too much underappreciated

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sat Feb 21 16:38:25 MST 2015

> My domain admin at work has UID 30253. I haven't seen any problems yet.
> ACLs on Linux-Samba servers are set as root using POSIX ACLs. On windows
> servers it's done the windows way without any problems. I can administer
> my Samba printserver by granting privileges like described in the Wiki.
> Haven't seen any problems since setup 2.5 years.

I understand that.

My problems came from using the Samba AD Domain Controller as a file 
server. In this particular case I could not avoid it, for reasons that 
would take too much effort to explain. When I later had to join a member 
server to the network, things started to complicate. 

In this case I don't need any Active directory users to have a shell on the 
Linux servers, including administrators. Root will do. I am not using 
POSIX ACLs either. I use acl_xattr only. All clients in the network are 
Windows machines, only servers are Linux.

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