[Samba] [OT] Postfix help ( in addtion to : RE: Postfix saslauthentication help )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Feb 19 04:44:24 MST 2015

I'll share these and yes, not samba related, but i like lots of people here, 
so i share them here in advance before my site goes online.
full blown setup of postfix and anti-spam. If you want test it. 
Just read the files and adjust if needed. 
ufw was used as firewall, so if you dont use ufw, set that to "no" 
what does i do..   install/setup, postfix with postscreen postgrey, spamassassin clamsmtp 
The are tested on a cleanly installed debian server. 
backups are made of all files if something is changed. ( all files and folders get a  *.backup ) 
Just read the script and adjust where needed. 
get these:   
Im still testing them out, but the settings are ok, im using these on my hosting server. 
They do enforce strict SMTP RFC settings. 
but in 3 weeks no i only had 1 spam message..  ( and thats fixed in the next version. ) 
There may be "small" errors in these, like a variable $network not comming from the script to the config. 
I think the scripts are 99.9% correct and maybe even 100%.
I apriciate any comment on these.. 
And sorry for abusing the samba list for it, but i like all you guys... 

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