[Samba] ps aux | grep smbd

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Tue Feb 17 10:59:15 MST 2015

Am 17.02.2015 um 16:03 schrieb Thomas Schulz:
> If you want to avoid Samba 4.*, why not at least use the latest in the
> Samba 3 series? I believe the latest is Samba 3.6.22.

If small hardware resources on a µ "server" aren't the reason for an old
version, I don't know any for 3x. 3.6 support will finally end when 4.2
is out, what is soon. All 4x series include all features 3x had, too. No
reason to stay.


PS: Thomas, please fix/change our mail client. _Every_ mail you answer
starts a new thread. This makes it hard for list members to follow a
thread and almost impossible for users finding old mails via $SEARCHENGINE.

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