[Samba] ps aux | grep smbd

Thomas Schulz schulz at adi.com
Tue Feb 17 08:03:12 MST 2015

> On 2015-02-17 13:26, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 17/02/15 12:15, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
>>> Hello Rowland
>>> Am 17.02.2015 um 06:14 schrieb Jed Evnull:
>>>> I recently compiled samba-3.2.15 for a Raspberry Pi V2 and while it
>>>> seems to be working fine, when I  ps aux | grep smbd I'm shown two or=
>>>> three successively numbered smbd jobs. The smbd log isn't showing
>>>> anything weird, what's up with this?
>>> Everything is fine. smbd create child processes, like when users or
>>> machines are connecting.
>>> Am 17.02.2015 um 10:29 schrieb Rowland Penny:
>>>> What I find weird is that, by choice, you are using a samba version t=
> hat
>>>> went EOL nearly 5 years ago.
>>> Just a guess:
>>> 3.2 needs much less resources, that the current versions do. E. g. smb=
> d
>>> in 3.2 was just about 1/4 of the size it is in 4.1. Many parts can't b=
> e
>>> disabled with ./configure options and are build in. Kai Blin had a goo=
> d
>>> talk about this last year:
>>> http://sambaxp.org/fileadmin/user_upload/SambaXP2014-DATA/thu/track1/K=
> ai_Blin-Samba-ScalingSambaDowntoMicroServers.pdf
>>> Regards,
>>> Marc
>> Well, I can see what you mean, but why bother, a raspberry pi will
>> function quite capably as a home DC (never mind as just a fileserver)
>> and now the pi2 is out with quad core and more memory.
> "More" memory, but still less than the average file server ten years
> ago. I'd rather not waste that memory for unused samba features if I
> could use it to cache files from slow USB disks=85
>> I cannot understand why anybody would recommend using anything that wen=
> t
>> EOL nearly 5 years ago, just think of all the security releases that
>> there have been since then, never mind the bug fixes!
>> Rowland

If you want to avoid Samba 4.*, why not at least use the latest in the
Samba 3 series? I believe the latest is Samba 3.6.22.

Tom Schulz
Applied Dynamics Intl.
schulz at adi.com

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