[Samba] Bi-direction sysvol script DC2 folder not sync

Min Wai Chan dcmwai at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 02:49:19 MST 2015

Dear Louis,

I think I found something interesting on the script...

Let say we removed the "--delete-after" which caused DC2 folder to be
removed on the next sync...

It seem that the location of the folder are part of the cause.

If it is the 3rd or above... on the folder we sync...


If the files was on the same level as AD.DOMAIN or Policies it will be see
and sync..
but not on the 3rd level...

When I read the log (with -vv)

I can only see the [sender] but no [generator] during these case (DC2 files
is not sync)

Hope this help...

Min Wai

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