[Samba] about samba 4

Adil Al Balushi albalushi1973 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 06:28:54 MST 2015

Dear Sir.
first of all I would like to thank your team about samba4. its very good
product and help me to do my project.
just i have some question about samba 4
1- is it support domain and subdomain. like if i have in my HQ samba4 and i
have 3 or more location connecting together and in my branches i have
samba4. any replication between HQ and branches?
2-i try to install samba4 but its asking to update packages like python,
but when im updating python it will give me error like (link cc or link
3- can you tell me per-requirement of samba 4 for Redhat?
4-step by step installation?
5- is it like Active directory which is in windows?
6- can you send me all requirement packages i mean (python,gcc ...ect)

Thank you

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