[Samba] Domain users can't browse or access shares

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Thu Feb 12 04:42:46 MST 2015

Rowland Penny schrieb am 12.02.2015 11:43:

>>> Does 'getent passwd <a domain user>' now show anything ?
>> No, I only get local users when executing getent passwd
> Well that is probably your problem, stop samba, leave the domain and 
> rejoin, restart samba and see if getent works.

Well, to me this sounds like he just tried 'getent passwd' and 
not for example 'getent passwd administrator'... 
IMHO it is not exactly obvious, that the fact, that 'getent passwd' 
does not list the domain users, does not guarantee, that there is 
a problem. Hence Rowland explicitly asked for 'getent passwd 
<a domain user>', yet his answer is a bit unclear. 

So I just wanted to emphasize Rowland's point.

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