[Samba] Samba 4.2.0rc4 fails to start up

Thomas Schulz schulz at adi.com
Wed Feb 11 14:22:21 MST 2015

> On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 03:22:15PM -0500, Thomas Schulz wrote:
> > Checking for C99 vsnprintf                      : not found 
> Can you just hand-compile lib/replace/test/snprintf.c and
> paste its output? Maybe take a closer look why it fails?
> That's the test we use to check whether we have to replace
> snprintf.
> Volker

Perhaps what was captured in bin/config.log will do.
If the lines are too long to come through the mail correctly, I can
resend it with extra line breaks inserted.

#include "test/snprintf.c"

[1/2] Compiling test.c
In file included from ../test.c:419:0:
/home/projects/tools/samba/samba-4.2.0rc4.i386gcc.pt/lib/replace/test/snprintf.c: In function 'foo':
/home/projects/tools/samba/samba-4.2.0rc4.i386gcc.pt/lib/replace/test/snprintf.c:23:24: warning: unknown escape sequence: '\$' [enabled by default]
/home/projects/tools/samba/samba-4.2.0rc4.i386gcc.pt/lib/replace/test/snprintf.c:23:24: warning: unknown escape sequence: '\$' [enabled by default]
['/opt/local/bin/gcc', '-O3', '-I/opt/local/include', '-I/home/projects/tools/samba/samba-4.2.0rc4.i386gcc.pt/lib/replace', '-MD', '-Idefault', '-I..', '-Idefault', '-I..', '-I/usr/local/include', '-D_SAMBA_BUILD_=4', '-DHAVE_CONFIG_H=1', '-D_GNU_SOURCE=1', '-D_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED=1', '../test.c', '-c', '-o', 'default/test_1.o']
[2/2] Linking default/testprog
['/opt/local/bin/gcc', 'default/test_1.o', '-o', '/home/projects/tools/samba/samba-4.2.0rc4.i386gcc.pt/bin/.conf_check_0/testbuild/default/testprog', '-R/opt/local/samba4/lib:/opt/local/samba4/lib/private:/opt/local/lib', '-L/opt/local/lib', '-liconv', '-lintl', '-fstack-protector', '-lpthread', '-L/usr/local/lib']

returncode -11
not found

Tom Schulz
Applied Dynamics Intl.
schulz at adi.com

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