[Samba] Problem with "kerberos method = secrets and keytab"

Andreas Hauffe andreas.hauffe at tu-dresden.de
Wed Feb 11 08:39:44 MST 2015


I'm using the smb.conf from
to add a member server as file server to the domain.

If I'm using the original smb.conf with "kerberos method = secrets and 
keytab", I'm not able to see any share on a Windows Client in the domain. If I 
use the default "kerberos method = secrets" everything works. 

Does anyone have an idea why this happens? 

And can someone tell me, why there is a "dedicated keytab file = 
/etc/krb5.keytab" in the smb.conf. I read that the system keytab is used if 
"kerberos method = secrets and keytab" was chosen?

Viele Grüße
Andreas Hauffe

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