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Once again, the evolution of my system (DC01, DC02 & member server)
creates a problem. (Somewhere in the past my member server had an ip
address 192.168.**.55 and that was in the dns.) 

Now, the world is proper and my member server on properly joins my

Thank you, Rowland. 

Now, as my DC02 ip address is 192.168.**.55, by deleting the member
server reference to the 192.168.**.55 did that mess up my DC02 dns
connection to DC01? (Don't answer that . . . give a man a fish and he
will eat once. Teach a man to fish and . . . .) 

Reading the samba-tool man page and --help. 




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On 2015-02-08 13:18, Rowland Penny wrote: 

> On 08/02/15 19:03, Bob of Donelson Trophy wrote:
>> Okay!!! My member server ip address is 192.168.**.56 (static). When I run your command it is reporting the ip address of 192.168.**.55 (which is my DC02 address.) So, I need to correct this. How do I remove the 'old member server' ip address 192.168.**.55 reference and correct to 192.168.**.56?
> OK, how did that happen ??? (don't bother answering, that was a rhetorical question)
> To delete the record:
> samba-tool dns delete <server> <zone> <name> A <data> -U Administrator --password=<Domain Administrator password>
> Where:
> <server> = your DC's fully qualified hostname
> <zone> = Your DNS domain name
> <name> = your member servers hostname
> <data> = your member servers ipaddress
> Rowland

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