[Samba] kerberos on samba4 server / error loading ...acl_xattr.so (reply to Reindl Harald's replies)

The Jimmest jesmeyano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 13:14:34 MST 2015

Village idiot here again. Thank you for your replies. Really.

As for the acl_xattr.so: I was trying a new 'out of the box' install. I
have done the whole download source/compile/provision bit on a Mint 17.1
and I am getting much farther.Now I get 'cannot find kdc for realm
"ozco.home" while getting initial credentials" when I try kinit.

About Kerberos. You advised me that I have control over which services are
running. I have commented out all of the mit kerberos entries I found,
leaving only those entries for krb5. I still can't do kinit, klist, or
'samba-tool dns zonelist nikola'.

Kinit gives the same message. klist says 'klist: no credentials cache found
(ticket cache FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0'. I figure that is because there are no
tickets issued.

What am I missing?



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