[Samba] DC and member setup.

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Sorry, it is 0600 here and I answered your first email (different
subject title) and then found this email. 

All three, DC01, DC02 & member server where created with your
'generation one' scripts (did this the day before you released the new
gen scripts.) 

When I attempt to "connect to another computer" Windows security
complains that my user does not have access rights. Somehow my member
server is not receiving user authentication correctly and is denying
access. (As explained in previous post.) 

Unfortunately, now we have two different thread titles going about the
same issue. 



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On 2015-02-03 04:13, L.P.H. van Belle wrote: 

> Hai Bob, 
> I heard you still was unable to access the member server... 
> so i'll give you one more try.. 
> if the DC(s) are setup with the scripts, and the member server is installed with the script. 
> reboot the servers. 
> now.. 
> Do the following.. 
> Join you pc to the domain. 
> Login in the domain as "DOMAINAdministrator) 
> when logged in.. 
> start windows explorer, Klik on "Computer" and select Manage. 
> In computer Management. 
> right klik on the "Computer" en select, "connect to other computer" 
> Enter the "member server name in FQDN" 
> if correct you should be able to enter the member server now. from computer management. 
> Now klik "Shared folders" 
> rights klik on a "shared" folder of the member server, Klik Properties. 
> Klik on "Share Acces" , if correct you see "Everyone" keep that for now. 
> Klik on Tab "Security" add "Domain Users" with the needed rights. 
> Can you try this.. this works for me... 
> Greetz, 
> Louis

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