[Samba] Fileserver Failover with AD and Gluster

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Mon Feb 2 10:02:36 MST 2015

>>> So the remaining single point of failure is the samba file
>>> service. Is there something more intelligent than:
>>> if not \\severA\share -> try: \\serverB\share?
>> Use a common domain name for both servers (what AD does internally
>> for authentication), or use IP-based failover via Samba's CTDB.
> For Member Servers, you can use a clustred Samba installation with CTDB.
> But you can't on Samba AD DCs, because it's not compatible with CTDB.

Sorry, I'm totally new to Samba HA.

My file servers join AD, but are not the DC itself. Does it mean that 
CTDB is an option or not?

A common FQDN would mean I simply add two A records for e.g. 
smb.samdom.example.com, resolving to each IP of the file servers? Can it 
be as simple as that?

Thanks for your help,
  - lars.

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