[Samba] How to remove a Samba AD config?

Viktor Trojanovic viktor at troja.ch
Sun Dec 27 17:54:05 UTC 2015

On a test installation, I chose some wrong values when setting up a 
Samba AD DC. Instead of trying to rectify this, I'd prefer just to 
remove it all and start from scratch.

I did the following:

- Remove Samba package using the package manager
- Remove /etc/samba/smb.conf
- Delete folder /var/lib/samba (this is equal to /usr/share/samba on 
some systems - it's where sysvol is located)

I thought that's all but it's obviously not. While the original AD 
provisioning gave me correct standard values for the realm, that's not 
the case on the second install. Even though that's not really important, 
it means that something must have changed and I'd just wish to 
understand what.

Is there a list of all folders and files that change upon AD DC 
provisioning? Is there a better way to completely remove a Samba 


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