[Samba] CTDB Changes in 4.2.7

Howard, Stewart Jameson sjhoward at iu.edu
Fri Dec 18 15:18:21 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I just have a couple of quick questions about CTDB.  I've recently installed the Sernet Samba packages for 4.2.7-19, which included CTDB 4.2.7-19.  After the install, I noticed a couple of things that had changed since the previous (much older) version of CTDB that I was running:

1)  The Sernet packaging did not seem to include the `man` page for CTDB.  I was wondering if there is a location where I can download that separately.

2)  When running command in the CTDB client on the command line, I now have to explicitly supply the `--socket=` option, or the client cannot connect to the CTDB daemon.  This despite the fact that I'm keeping the socket in the default location (/tmp/ctdb.socket).  Is there some new configuration source for the CTDB client in which I need to specify this socket location?

This install is on a RHEL 6.6 system.

Thank you so much for your time!

Stewart Howard

Indiana University

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