[Samba] Cannot export all my users using pdbedit

Nico De Ranter nico.deranter at esaturnus.com
Wed Dec 16 14:26:08 UTC 2015

Hello again,

I'm trying to move all my users from an old Samba server to a new Samba AD
server.    When I try to do a 'classicupgrade'  the process crashes after a
while without giving me a clear indication of what is going wrong.  When I
try to export the users using pdbedit -e smbpasswd , some of the accounts
simply fail.  If I look at the output I see something like:

Processing account myfailinguser
Home server: storage
Home server: storage
getsmbfilepwent: returning passwd entry for user someuser, uid 1013
getsmbfilepwent: returning passwd entry for user sshd, uid 10
getsmbfilepwent: end of file reached.
endsmbfilepwent_internal: closed password file.
build_sam_pass: Failing attempt to store user with non-uid based user RID.

(Note: I changed the username to protect the innocent)

What could be the reason why 'getsmbfilepwent' cannot find that user, but
it can find other users. In total 15 accounts out of 60 fail.  All users
exist in NIS on that server.

Thanks in advance,


Nico De Ranter

Operations Engineer

T. +32 16 40 12 82

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