[Samba] How can I change the localSID for a SAMBA Server?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Dec 16 13:55:16 UTC 2015

On 16/12/15 12:24, Terje Trane wrote:
> On 16.12.2015 12:51, Rowland penny wrote:
>> Once you start using just one machine to store the user & group 
>> database, you have a prototype domain. Running a workgroup with a lot 
>> of users is a pain, I know, I have been there, done that. Why is it a 
>> pain? because if a user wants to use a machine (even if just to use 
>> the shared printer), that user has to exist on the computer that 
>> holds the share. When a new user needs adding, the sysadmin has to go 
>> round every PC that the new user will connect to, in my case, this 
>> entailed a round trip of almost 200miles, going to 3 depots.
> Yes, having to do that is a pain.  But since the linux users are 
> already in NIS or LDAP, that problem should have been solved, and it 
> is for normal linux command line login, and NFS etc.
> The pain now is to have to go to each server and set up the samba 
> servers in a NT4 domain instead of just letting each server use what 
> already is provided. I understand that this is because Windows is 
> using its own hashing scheme(?), but I would love to see a supported 
> mode where a samba server could use a central password database in 
> LDAP, maybe even read only. Compare to the "well-known method" of 
> keeping a smbpasswd file updated on one server and just rsyncing it to 
> the others. (Inspired by the way NIS works, maybe?)

There is a supported mode, it is called 'active directory'

> PS:
> Isn't it an idea to keep the discussion on the list, or is it too 
> off-topic?

Probably wise to keep it on list, but I just replied to an email you 
sent directly to me, you didn't send it to the list!


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