[Samba] Samba-4 DNS issue

Alan Hughes alanhughes at e2eservices.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 13:00:10 UTC 2015


I've managed (due to me being fat-fingered that morning) to get a DNS zone in a Samba-4 DNS setup screwed up.

Basically I was trying to add a new A record to an internal domain "e2eservices.co.uk" using the MS administration tools (not the samba-tool CLI). However instead of adding the entry "styx" to the domain, I accidently added "styx.e2eservices.co.uk"; this basically generated a child entry called "uk" under the "e2eservices.co.uk" zone that appears to replicate all entries that where originally in the zone (so for example I now have "styx.e2eservices.co.uk.e2eservices.co.uk", "foobar.e2eservices.co.uk.e2eservices.co.uk", etc.

I'd rather lke to clean this up by deleting all of the records under "e2eservices.co.uk.e2eservices.co.uk"(including the child entries rooted at "uk.e2eservices.co.uk") without deleting any records under "e2eservices.co.uk" but cannot work out how to do this. I guess if absolutely necessary I could drop the domain and recreate it, but I'd prefer not to do this if at all possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about doing this?

Thanks in advance


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