[Samba] AIX 7.1, Windows Server 2012, Samba 3.6.23 or?

Bob Wyatt bwyatt_sub at comcast.net
Wed Dec 9 23:07:58 UTC 2015

Our system was upgraded several months ago to Samba 3.6.23 on AIX 7.1 using
the IBM-delivered samba packages (not rpm's).

We use it for file sharing only, and sharing is authenticated against an
older Windows Server domain (NT-style).


We are switching to a Windows Server 2012 domain.


Do I need to upgrade Samba to 4.2 or 4.3 (currently-supported releases)?

Or will 3.6.23 still authenticate against the Windows Server 2012 domain?
Does it require an smb.conf file adjustment?

Since Samba isn't used as an Active Directory server, I'm hoping to avoid
the upgrade due to the massive dependency list, uninstalling the currently
working installation, etc..


IBM is still distributing Samba 3.6.25, so I don't expect much help there.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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