[Samba] Permission Denied

Ole Traupe ole.traupe at tu-berlin.de
Mon Dec 7 16:51:10 UTC 2015

>> drwxrwxr-x  2 root domain admins
>> does not work an a member server without the user mapping or a bit 
>> different rights.
>> So set Adminstrator:"domain admins" on this folder OR use the user 
>> mapping.
> This would mean that you would have to give Administrator a uidNumber, 
> breaking the link between 'root' and 'Administrator'. Not saying this 
> is a bad idea, just that you should be aware of it.
> Rowland

Just reading this accidentally and finding out that "id Administrator" 
gives "id: Administrator: No such user" on all my machines, including 
DCs, and member servers where I explicitly mapped Administrator to root. 
Looking into ADUC, it turns out that Administrator has a uid: "0". Does 
that mean that I did this at some point (can't remember it). Any bad 
consequences, if I take NIS settings back for Administrator?


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