[Samba] Functionality of Nmbd at Active Directory mode of Samba4 !

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 11:45:10 UTC 2015

> There is nothing stopping you connecting directly to your shares, or using a domain member as a fileserver
I agree, but for most of users T talked with, via friendly name
(NetBios) but not quite long (DNS) is more comfortable.

> In my personal opinion, you are risking trouble by still using XP, yes I know that sometimes you have to, but I would suggest that you start
> making plans to replace XP, I would not put it past microsoft coming up with something to stop later versions of windows connecting to XP PCs.
> You are also risking any unknown security holes (unknown to everybody but the black hats, that is) in XP, these holes will not be fixed.

1. Windows 7/8 have NetBios functionality (NeighborHood browser ability) ,
not only XP (and of course server line of MS have also) ;
2. I know about that (risky and so on) . But there are different
conditions: financial, organization, lawing, technical, and so on, to go
faster to moving forward to Win after XP (life after death :)) ) .

> All I can suggest is you get hold of 'samba-master' from samba git and see if you can work out how to do this. To me 'C' comes between 'B' &
> 'D' :-D i.e. I haven't a clue

Not much, but thank you.
I did at such way when I began to write (code) multi group LMB/DMB
functionlity among IP address space for Nmbd and now I have almost
completely working solution (that allows browsing even for roadwarriors,
what was necessary for me) .

*For mathia *
 > I worked for years for a small company building planes: Airbus. They do
have lot of DC, lot of file servers, they use ADAM intensively too. I don't
> remember they were using WINS service. DC are > meant to authenticate
clients. That specific process is based on DNS to guess where to
> In fact having DC in network neighborhood is good for mini-parks only. If
you have 2 files
> server and 2 DC, 50 clients, at worst you will have 54 entries in network
neighborhood. Now think about same network neighborhood when you have 50
> DC, 250 file servers and tenths of
> thousands clients. Wouldn't be easier for your users to have only these
file servers in their network neighborhood rather than all clients + all DC
> somewhere in the middle some lost file servers?
As I mentionrd above, there are different situation in different
organizations, commercial/non commercial/edicational/military/peaceful. :)
Mostly using of NetBios abilities is applicable for home/small/medium
But even in big business companiest it can be used via Wins.
No, for conditions I touched with, wouldn' t.
It would easy for users (first of all and then for lazy admins :)) ) to
have choise to make possibility to see computers at list (including file
servers) or not to see.
Users who can/wants to use accss to servers/computers by name they are
wellcome, users who can /want to access internal resources by IP or by
other way (DNS or other which is used at your organization) , they are
Society of freedom choise. Is it ?

By the way, why is it good for miniparks only ? You may not answer to this
question. It can well working for quite big parks also.
If you meant broadcast, I may partially agree with you, but modern netcards
as communication lines have big broadband. :))

> I'm lacking knowledge about MS AD but I was believing AD was coming with its own replacement of that election process.
> If I'm wrong the fact DC are not part of that process does not seems to be a too big issue if they are not file server.

I don' t know any replacement of such operation, there are two choises: use
or not (be or not to be :)) ).
And also I heard about MS policy declares one server for each role.:)))
But .....
As I said there are different orgs in or with different conditions.

> For lazy admins on small park, it could be. For DC with short names in a big park, you lose time opening the network
> neighborhood, waiting it fill up, dig into declared machines to find the one you was looking for rather than just typing "\\my_dc_name" in windows
> explorer address bar.

For first two statements see above. :))
About losing time, in my oppinion not always, because list is builded for
some time (not zerod after 1 minute) .
Regarding typing of \\DC_name, your users and admis have to be equiped with
big memory. :)))
Sometimes is quite difficult to remember of 2 DCs names (even one DC name)
, but if you talked about 50+ DCs or many DCs + some fileservers ...
You are a monster. :))

> "lack of discussion" functionality: what did you meant?

I meant that absence of functionality we duscussed about. Not else.

> They really stopped digging into Samba AD because they didn't find their DC in the network neighborhood? No they must have better reasons I think.

 Please take in mind, that Samba3/4 Nmbd functionality is not limited of
showing/hiding Samba3/4 server itself at Net list, it can (or often is) be
as LMB (local master) and/or DMB (domain master) that means quite more,
means maintaining and providing Nethood list to other DCs, servers, clients.

> Good luck! Always a good idea to help opensource :)

Thanks. Do you want to join me at this beginning ? :)

P. S.: I offer to stop this duscussion.If Samba development team will addso
to the code it is will be very nice.
If you, mathias or others want to make it in your/their own or take part in
it, it will benice also. :)
If you or others want to help me in it, you are wellcome.

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