[Samba] After joining domain, Samba uses the workgroup name, not the FQDN when running the net ads command

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Dec 4 08:54:13 UTC 2015

Hai Jonathan, 

Can you give try the following :
what is the output of hostname -y. 
You probly get the messages " hostname: Local domain name not set. "
Dont worry, should not hurt, but for thesting, you can set : 
sysctl -w kernel.domainname="windows.corp.XXX.com"

and for testing you can try to set you resolv.conf to (
domain windows.corp.XXX.com
search windows.corp.XXX.com
nameserver ip_samba_dc1 
nameserver ip_samba_dc2

Yes.. !! domain and search are mutaliy exclusive..  we know, but try it. 
Restart neworking after above changes. 

The output of /etc/hostname 
( should contain only the (hostname -s)  value )

Can you try the following. 

Put in smb.conf
dns proxy = yes

restart samba. 
Run : testparm -v | grep net , i want to see the output. 

Especialy netbios name = 

Test above out, one at a time. 

I say, start with the dns proxy in smb.conf
Then the resolv.conf 
Then the kernel domain 


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> Verzonden: donderdag 3 december 2015 23:08
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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] After joining domain, Samba uses the workgroup
> name, not the FQDN when running the net ads command
> On 03/12/15 21:55, Jonathan S. Fisher wrote:
> > It doesn't work, even with the DNS set as such:
> >
> > root at freeradius:~# sudo net rpc info -UWINDOWS\\Administrator
> > Unable to find a suitable server for domain WINDOWS
> >
> > Our registered domain is XXX.com. corp.XXX.com <http://corp.XXX.com>
> > and windows.corp.XXX.com <http://windows.corp.XXX.com> are internal
> > and not resolvable on any public DNS server.
> >
> > I was curious if anyone else had any comments on these two questions I
> > had:
> >
> > * What is this lmhosts thing it's looking for?
> lmhosts is the windows version of /etc/hosts, if you have a line in
> smb.conf that references this, I would suggest you remove it unless it
> matches the default one:   name resolve order = lmhosts wins host bcast
> > * Is this what went wrong? > internal_resolve_name: looking up
> > WINDOWS#1b (sitename (null))
> Possibly, but your client should find everything via DNS.
> Does your smb.conf match the one that can be found on the Samba wiki
> (with changes for your NETBios name & realm)? This is known to work.
> Rowland
> >
> > What is lmhosts?
> > What does it think our sitename is null?
> >
> >
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