[Samba] Symlink with mklink

Marc JIROU mjirou at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 16:48:11 UTC 2015


> > So no one is interesting in having symbolic link on a samba server ?
> >
> > When i was looking for informations, most of people think that symbolic
> > link are
> > reserved to NTFS and can't  exists on a smb server, that why no one ask
> for.
> >
> > I'm pretty sure a lot of people are waiting for this ( at least people
> that
> > use unix system )
> > but that's just my personnal opinion
> Well people use symlinks on Samba servers all the time.
> But they create and manage them on the UNIX side and
> the Windows clients are unaware of them.
> What advantage does having the clients aware of the
> link bring ? Remember, we already restrict the clients
> from traversing outside of the share path.

Don't you think that i will be easier to support mklink symlink creation,
instead of having to ssh/rsh ... to a linux box to make a ln ?
People do it all the time because they have no choice.

As you said people are doing it all the time but have no easy way to do it,
and as samba is offering file services to windows users most of them have
no knowledge
how to do it.

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