[Samba] Backup Member Server

mathias dufresne infractory at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 15:43:39 UTC 2015

Erf... Best backup are expensive :p
Buy a backup robot, buy another one, put them in separated datacenters,
which could on separated continent...

I'm joking. But the question pushed me to. You can backup your data or
backup your configuration. You can of course backup both.

Then what configuration? I smb.conf enough? Do you have to backup your pam
configuration too? I'd say you would have to backup everything, all
modified files to obtain that configuration which make that server your own
file server, member of a greater thing.

Now rsync should do the trick as it is used to synchronize Sysvol shares,
which contain ACLs.

Sysvol should use Windows(-like) ACLs, your share(s) should contains
Windows files, with MS ACLs, rsync should do the job.

Then the point is the keep several versions of files on separated machines.

I'm not a backup expert but that seems to me a good start for your



2015-12-02 15:57 GMT+01:00 James <lingpanda101 at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
>     Can someone point me to documentation on how to best backup a samba
> member server? I see the wiki currently does not contain one.
> Is it as simple as backup all shared folders with rysnc or similar that
> will preserve ACLS along with the smb.conf? I'm currently relying on a raid
> solution. Thanks.
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> -James
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