[Samba] just logins now and shares later

oeh univie edv lists edv-lists at oeh.univie.ac.at
Mon Aug 31 00:14:26 UTC 2015


I'm still waiting for the new file server hardware to arrive so I plan to
enable user logins in the meantime without profiles and home directories.
Reason for this is quite some pressure from people. The setup on the 2 DCs
should be done a day or two. Could there be problems if I configure
profiles and home directories some weeks after users logged in for the
first time? What if e.g. they saved big files in their profiles?

What would be a reasonable size for user profiles on a 100MBit/s network
so they load sufficiently speedy? 
Also should I consider something when I configure GPOs and printers some
weeks after first user logins?

Can I put home directories, shares, profiles and spooling on one 2TB disk
on a RAID1 (2x2TB) or would this be a performance problem? (worst case
scenario I can imagine is 5-8 simultaneous user logins or logouts which
should happen very rarely. 2-3 simultaneus logins/logouts is more likely
to happen frequently.)

regards, birgit

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